District Governor Elect (DGE): Maurice Stander (2019 – 2020)

District Governor Nominee (DGN) : Annemarie Mostert (2020 – 2021)





District Governor (DG) Charles Deiner

2018 – 2019






Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG) Jankees Sligcher

2017 – 2018



In 2017-18, we’ll answer the question “What is Rotary?” with RI President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley’s theme, Rotary: Making a Difference. “Whether we’re building a new playground or a new school, improving medical care or sanitation, training conflict mediators or midwives, we know that the work we do will change people’s lives — in ways large and small — for the better.”


Past District Governor (PDG) Grant Daly

2016 – 2017

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The theme that RIP John F Germ has set for the incoming Rotary Year is “Rotary Serving Humanity” which is such an apt theme

givin that it is the year we celebrate the centennial of our Foundation.

In announcing the theme he went on to say that he chose this theme because of Rotary’s unique ability to bring together committed professionals to achieve remarkable goals. RIP John F Germ believes that “now is the time to capitalize on our success: as we complete the eradication of polio, and catapult Rotary forward to be an even greater force for good in the world”

The seed for the Rotary Foundation was planted by Rotary President Arch C Klumph at the Atlanta convention in 1917. From the first contribution of $26.50, the Foundation assets have grown to approximately $1 billion, and more than $3 billion has been spend on programs and projects through out the world, transforming millions of lives across the globe.

Between now and the 2017 Rotary Convention in Atlanta, we are asking all clubs and fellow Rotarians of district 9400 to join the Rotary International community in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Foundation, a truly significant milestone in our organizations history. Promote Rotary at every opportunity you get and lets make this coming year a record breaking year for contributions made to the Foundation.

It is common knowledge in our district that we need to “Grow Rotary”, however what came through at our strategic planning session was that we must not forget to enjoy Rotary. The district theme for this year is thus “Enjoy Growing Rotary”.

Therefore as clubs let us continue to be Rotary Serving Humanity and may each of us Enjoy Growing Rotary.

Best wishes

Grant and Nadine

Past District Governor (PDG) David Grant

2015 – 2016



The theme that RIP Ravi Ravindran has set for the 2015/16 Rotary year reminds us of the global capabilities of our incredible Rotary organization, made possible through its network that is represented on all continent and in over 200 countries. The network provides the fertile ground in which seeds of an idea can grow into enormous achievements such as Rotary Foundation, the Eradication of Polio, ShelterBox, and our very own Book Project in District 9400 to mention only a few.

We makeup this network as volunteers united in the ideals of service, glued together by fellowship, and linked together through our clubs. Great leaders of this world have achieved their success with the support of their followers, and likewise, we achieve so much more with the support of our fellow Rotarians and the Rotary organization as a whole. We depend on each other to make Rotary the prime organization to belong to, and to keep it fresh and vibrant. Furthermore, future Rotarians depend on us to pass it on to them in better condition than when we joined it.

Margie and I wish you a fulfilling Rotary year rich in fellowship and success. Let us all work to grow Rotary in District 9400.


Past District Governor (PDG) Annie Steijn

2014 – 2015

 DG Annie 01

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Dear Fellow Rotarians, Rotary Anns, Members of Inner Wheel and Rotary Friends

With Rotary International’s theme Light up Rotary and our District Theme, Make a Difference when put together, we will Make a Difference and Light up Rotary.

As rotary International and President Gary Haung’s goal is to increase our membership to at least 1.3 million by June 2015, we need to be positive, innovative and prepared to make changes. By achieving this goal, we will build Rotary to an even bigger organisation that can and will withstand the test of times.

As each and every Rotarian is a leader, we should take responsibility to promote Rotary. As joint leaders we need to exchange ideas and take action. Be innovative, work together and subsequently we, as a team will Make a Difference. We also need to realise that the youth is our future and we need to take care of them. Sponsor and Interact Club and get the parents involved. They may just be potential members! Furthermore engage Rotaract members in projects and invite them into Rotary. Rotary’s future depends on members and the ability to meet the needs of so many underprivileged people.

It is a great honour for me to serve as D9400’s Governor together with my District Governor Ann Elaine Strathacopoulos and we both look forward to our year as we Light up Rotary. Our aim in this Rotary year is to be the best on all levels in District. We will achieve this only if we put our efforts together, set our differences aside and respect each other.

Let us live by the Object of Rotary and the Four Way Test.

Let us Make a Difference and Light up Rotary!


Past District Governor (PDG) Anneas Balt

2013 – 2014

ASk me

Call to action

Welcome to 2014,

Val and I have already been busy with our Club visits since second week of January. As with every previous Club visit, we were completely blown away by what our Clubs are doing and how they “Engage Rotary and Change Lives” – Thank you to all of you!

We have experienced a decline of 23 members over November/December – Now is the time to have a Total Focus on Membership for the next 6 months.

It is however becoming more and more important that we increase our Membership numbers – every issue that our Clubs struggle with can be related to Membership.

I have asked all the committees of our District to focus on Membership in the next 6 months, I am also asking you as Rotarian to have a mind-set change and put all your energy into Membership.

Let’s demolish that self-imposed limitation that we have set ourselves – there is no reason why Rotary cannot double or even triple its Membership!!!

From District side we have come up with 3 programs earmarked for membership increments.

ASK me how to join Rotary

This is one of the most effective tools to change the mind-set of the public, use this slogan on T-Shirts, Newspaper articles, on printed material and Posters/Banners etc.


Satellite Clubs

I believe the “Satellite club” concepts to be the greatest happening in Rotary the past few years. This is the easiest most effective way to get new members
Satellite clubs can be used as a vehicle for young Rotarian’s / interest Groups etc.

One suggestion around this – if you have a target group, Do Not Wait –  start your club immediately  – then invite prospective members to the (existing) Satellite club, if nothing happens you can always later cancel the Satellite club.

District 9400 E-Club

You have already received communique around our E-Club being Chartered end of January. No longer do we have to lose a Rotarian or Prospective Rotarian due to work/family or personality issues.

Please contact the past Rotarians of you Club to join our E-Club. I foresee lots of co-operation between the E-Club and our Clubs regarding projects and funding.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy we face in Rotary – I hear all the time “we are planning to do it” “we will start the new year” “I am waiting for Board approval” “we have been talking about it” etc. etc. etc.

Guys Let’s Do It!!!  – Do not wait, tomorrow might not happen and the people of our country are suffering.

God bless us all…

Anneas Balt

Past District Governor (PDG) Martin Forsyth-Thompson

2012 – 2013


Past District Governor (PDG) Anton Meerkotter

2011 – 2012


Past District Governor (PDG) Francis Callard

2010 – 2011