15 – 17 June 2018

Skukuza Kruger National Park

If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go together

Discon 2018 is off to a grand start!  All Skukuza accommodation has been booked by the clubs that practiced Walala Wasala  – you snooze you lose!  We have a waiting list for accommodation and are moving to arrange alternatives to staying in Skukuza itself.

Rotary Conference Accommodation

Reservations can ONLY be made with either Constance or Neleni at 012- 4265111. At this stage you will go onto a waiting list.  You MUST quote Number R5717101 and the name of the club You Represent. So before you phone, first enquire from your fellow members on the number of units your club requires. Each club should have ONE representative who secures the reservation and, initiates ONE payment for each of the deposit and final payment.

If you are prepared to miss the evening events, you could book into Pretorius Kop or Lower Sabie; or at a resort outside the park.

Walala Wasala applies to your bookings. The sooner you book, the better the chances that you can get accommodation.  If you wait until conference registration starts early next year, you may not be able to get a place to stay.

Arriving at Kruger National Park

Special arrangements are being made at the Kruger Gate, the nearest gate to Skukuza. If you enter here, you will find that on production of your reservation confirmation, the daily conservation fee will be waived. We are trying to arrange a slick entry process to speed you through the gate. Note that the gates will be instructed not to allow non-registered walk-ins.

Kruger National Park Rules.

Please remember the Kruger National Park has a strict set of rules, laid out on your entry permit.  In particular, please take note:

  • Speed limits are strictly applied, particularly to people speeding to a gate deadline.
  • Malaria prophylaxis is strongly recommended and should start a week before you enter the Park.
  • Recent experience has shown the danger of sticking any part of your body out of the window, and indeed windows should be closed when dangerous animals are near you.
  • All meat products you take with you must still be in their commercial packaging.
  • All visitors must have positive identification.


Skukuza has a unique golf course and block bookings have been made for you on Thursday and Friday.  Please contact [person] on [phone no] or [email] to book and pay for your fourball.

Dietary requirements

All lunches and the dinner are buffets, which will allow those with most dietary requirements to choosethe items that suit them.  If you have special requirements, please note these on the registration form.

About Discon and its rates

The Discon rates are as follows:

There is a Registration fee of R250, which is applied if any of the conference days is booked. This applies to both the Rotary and Anns Conferences.  When you book such events, this fee will be automatically added. The events of the conference are:

Rotary EventsPrice
Registration fee, which covers the overhead costs, VIPs, Decor and administrationR250-00
Bush Treat on Friday afternoon and evening. This is a game drive and braai in the bush.R500-00
Rotary Conference on Saturday, including teas and lunch. Morning and afternoon sessions.R500-00
Dinner on Saturday nightR300-00
Rotary Conference on Sunday, including teas and lunch. Morning session only.R300-00
Total. You will be able to book this entire conference programme with one click:R1850-00
Anns EventsPrice
Registration fee, which covers the overhead costs, VIPs, Decor and administration. It also includes attendance at the Plenary Session at the opening of the Rotary Conference on Saturday.R250-00
Anns Conference on Saturday, including teas and lunch. Morning session only.R400-00
Total for the Anns conference. Bush Treat and Dinner are optional extras:R650-00
Bush Treat on Friday afternoon and evening. This is a game drive and braai in the bush.R500-00
Dinner on Saturday nightR300-00

The dress code for the entire conference is Bush Chic.

Banking details

Your payment should be made into the bank account of the District:

Account: Rotary 9400 eCommerce,

Standard Bank, Fourways Crossing,

a/c No. 242 609 473.

Your reference should be DIS followed by your name (first name and surname).

Please note the following Rotary designation abbreviations that will be available in a drop down list in the registration form: (in alphabetical order)

AG Assistant Governor
ARPIC Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator
ARC Assistant Rotary Coordinator
ARRFC Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
DG District Governor
DGA District Governor Ann
DGE District Governor  Elect
DGAE District Governor Ann Elect
DGN District Governor Nominee
DGAN District Governor Ann Nominee
DGND District Governor Nominee Designate
DGAND District Governor Ann Nominee Designate
DGR District Governor Representative
DRFCC District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair
E/MGA Estate and Major Gift Advisor
EPNZC End Polio Now Zone Coordinator
PDG Past District Governor
PDGA Past Dsitrict Governor Ann
PE President‐elect
PP Past President
P President
PRID Past Rotary International Director
RID Rotary International Director
RIPPR Rotary International President Personal Representative
RPIC Rotary Public Image Coordinator
RC Regional Rotary Coordinator
RRFC Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
RTN Rotarian


Registration Form will be posted in due time…



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22 – 25 June 2017

Bolivia Lodge, Polokwane

Bolivia Lodge is only 600 m from Mall of the North, 9 km from Polokwane International Airport, 6 km from Polokwane’s CBD


Jackson photo 2 inchs Rotary International President’s Personal Representative

Past Rotary International Director: Jackson Hsieh (click on link for Biography)

Spouse: Juliet Hsieh  

Classification : Investment

Rotary Club : Taipei Sunrise

District : 3520, Taiwan